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Adopting Together – Relationship Support for Adoptive Parents

TCCR is offering free, government funded support for adoptive couples.


Adopting Together - Relationship Support for Adoptive Parents

TCCR has created this specialised service to respond to the needs of adoptive couples who wish to explore and strengthen their relationship following adoption. The Adopting Together Service is open to all post-adoption parents, (also for couples where the children have been placed but not yet adopted and Special Guardians) and we welcome both heterosexual and same-sex couples who will be seen in either couples therapy or parent groups.

Working with our experienced therapists, couples can get help and support to address some of the issues that are impacting on their relationship.

Our specialist services can help by

  • Offering a safe space to reflect on how adoption has impacted on your couple relationship
  • Allowing for better communication between couples
  • Supporting you with difficulties you may be experiencing
  • Improving the quality of your relationship

After attending a consultation appointment with us, you may be offered the Adopting Together Therapeutic Groups:

  • Adopting Together Therapeutic Groups on Wednesday mornings starting May (Central London)


  • Adopting Together Therapeutic Groups on Tuesday evenings starting September (Central London)


A FREE group-based programme designed to support adoptive couples with their relationship and their parenting.

What's involved? 

You and your co-parent will meet with our expert group workers and they will be able to answer any further questions you might have and decide if the group is the right sort of help for you and your family.

You will then join a series of 16 weekly, 2 hour sessions with a small number of other adoptive couples who might be going through similar situations.

The sessions give you the opportunity to improve your relationship, yourself and your parenting skills.

There is a mixture of creative activities, video clips and discussions with the group leaders.

The group is a safe space to explore things that might be difficult and sad, as well as a space for lively discussion, fun and meeting other people who might be going through similar situations.

What do parents say about our group sessions?

'It is a positive, challenging, and rewarding journey.'

'This is a tremendous opportunity to help your marriage, family, kids and self in a cheerful, helpful, non-threatening environment.

A once in a lifetime opportunity.'

'Helped me to listen and communicate more. We now argue much less and this has helped us and our child.'

'It has been brilliant for our relationship.'


For more information download our leaflet here

If you are interested in finding out more about our Adopting Together Service or if you would like to make a referral, you can contact us by:

Call: 0207 380 1950

If you work for a Local Authority Fostering and Adoption Team, Voluntary Adoption Agency, Child and Adolescent Mental Health team or are BAAF associates and you would like to make a referral, or if you would like further information about this service, you can contact the Adopting Together team by telephone or email: You can also download extra information for referrers here

Adoption Support Fund

You may be eligible for assistance from the Adoption Support Fund (ASF).

This Government funding is available across England and Wales from May 2015 to provide families with support following adoption.

The Fund will enable them to access the services they need more easily in future.

You can find out more information on the ASF by visiting the First4Adoption website or by clicking this link

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